Food Gallery Food Gallery 20 pic-Chicken Wings 20 pic-Chicken Wings 183226343 10 pic-Chicken Drums 10 pic-Chicken Drums 202640838 Steak and Wings Combos Steak and Wings Combos 202640876 Combo: Fillet& Wings Combo: Fillet& Wings 202655551 Small Catfish Fillet Small Catfish Fillet 202655553 Small Catfish Nuggets Small Catfish Nuggets 202655567 Combo-Cat nuggetes and Shrimp Combo-Cat nuggetes and Shrimp 202658690 Three Chicken Tenders Three Chicken Tenders 202660837 Fillet and Wings Combo Fillet and Wings Combo 202738791 Small Jumbo Shrimp Small Jumbo Shrimp 202747463 60-pic Chicken Drums 60-pic Chicken Drums 202747810 10 pic Chicken Wings Dinner with free soda 10 pic Chicken Wings Dinner with free soda 202790383